AlignConsulting offers a number of learning opportunities and workshops in the areas of knowledge-transfer ("Sharing Hidden Know-How" and "Knowledge Jam"), Strategy ("Shared Insight in Action," "Offshoring with Intention"), Leadership ("Cutting Edge Leadership") and knowledge networks ("Sustainable Communities"). You can walk through a SlideShare, attend a public workshop, or schedule a custom training for your organization.


Workshops Customized For Your Organization

  • The Knowledge Jam Introductory course provides an introduction to the Knowledge Jam process, facilitation roles, conversation skills and process, and translation (knowledge brokering) skills and process. 
  • Knowledge Jam advanced course provides skilled facilitators deeper skills in managing complex or ambiguous events, building a business case for the Knowledge Jam program, selecting topics with sponsors, and introducing the Knowledge Jam disciplines (facilitation, conversation, and translation) as levers for cultural change.
  • Cutting Edge Leadership uses the metaphor of fencing to instruct on the principles of leadership -- Agility, Honor, and Enablement -- in a way that engages your mind, body, and heart. Quarterly workshops will be offered at the Worcester Fencing Club by AlignConsulting and Worcester Fencing Club.


Upcoming Open Workshops

  • November 5, 2014 KMWorld: "Knowledge is the Busienss" (Strategy Track) .
  • (I facilitate each of the Columbia University Information and Knowledge Strategy Masters Program Residencies April 15-19, 2014 and August 26-30, 2015).

Past Workshops and Links

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