AlignConsulting services extend from the organization, to the team, and to the individual. We help you to build strategies that win, accelerate new product development, improve post-merger integration, get the most out of your offshore and outsource teams, and enlighten leadership development and succession.

  1. Knowledge Jam helps to surface teams' tacit knowledge, and puts it to work using the facilitation, conversation and translation disciplines. Knowledge Jam introduces  culture of intention, openness and stewardship – this gets carried into MS SharePoint, Social Media and other collaboration tools.
  2. Shared Insight In Action is a participative strategic planning sequence.  SIA uses collective problem-solving for lasting impact. As a result of the diverse participation and intense facilitation, the resulting new business and knowledge architectures are more likely to take hold and get done
  3. Sustainable Communities designs, gets sponsorship for, launches and  improves communities of  practice. Sustainable Communities brings in appropriate collaboration tools -- Social Media, Microsoft  SharePoint, Lotus Notes, and EMC Documentum/eRoom
  4. Cutting Edge Leadership uses the metaphor of fencing to instruct on the principles of leadership: Agility, Honor, and Enablement in a way that engages your mind, body, and heart.  

AlignConsulting services will contribute to your sustainable productivity, market leadership, and mission-fulfillment.
We’ll help you to unleash your organization’s hidden insights and leadership potential. Let us know what animates you, and we’ll help you get there quickly.
Let’s jam!

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