Building the Social Media Ecology: Part One and Part Two

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Five years since MIT’s Andrew McAfee coined the term, “Enterprise 2.0,” for enterprise social media, skeptical senior executives are still struggling with how to realize social media’s vaunted benefits – innovation, knowledge-discovery, strengthened ties, and efficient online problem-solving, to name a few.  At a presentation last week I asked the 50 participants to name obstacles to social media’s success. They responded with “fragmentation,” “posturing,” and “too much volume.” Most admitted that they were social media enthusiasts and, in many cases, leading soc ial media initiatives at their organizations. They seemed to voice IBF members’ concerns that I’ve heard over the last year, who find social media’s actionable knowledge-creation and reuse to be elusive. (By Katrina Pugh, July 5, 2011. This blog is hosted on Intranet Benchmarking Forum's site here:

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